For over 35 years,

we’ve been crafting innovative, long-term strategies for complex claims.

Brant Hickey & Associates is an independent brokerage and consulting firm with a track record of resolving conflicts and maximizing returns for injured persons — making us a key partner in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death.

Nade-Takara-Nusubi…Sacred Knot of Longevity.

A symbol of good fortune, it represents longevity and eternity.
Since the beginning of Brant Hickey’s existence, we have adopted this symbol as our own because
it most clearly represents our outlook on business and the goals we wish to achieve for our clients.


The brokers of Brant Hickey & Associates believe that complex claim cases deserve expertly designed structured settlements, not a single option. That’s why we use a whole series of tools to meet the long-term income needs of claimants.


The Brant Hickey Philosophy

Our brokers and consultants take pride in the "sacred knot of longevity" — a symbol of our everlasting commitment to the people we serve. We take pride in offering in-depth financial analysis and customized structured settlements for claimants and their families.


How we're Better

Brant Hickey's diverse group of professionals offer clients multiple product options, not a single annuity product. Our decades in the trenches have taught us that, when it comes to complex claims, "one size does not fit all."



How we've Helped

Over the years, Brant Hickey's network of brokers is proud to have helped preserve clients' resources — from individual claimants and their attorneys to judges, insurance claims professionals, hospital risk managers, defense counsel and other brokers.

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