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Plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges and claims professionals are advocating the use of structured settlements in complex cases.  Structured settlement payments are tax-free and help claimants receive income they can count on over time.  Payments from structured settlements provide for a surviving spouse, sending children to college, paying for future medical expenses or funding retirement.

To fund future financial needs for the people we serve, Brant Hickey offers insurance, annuity and money management products.  We use highly rated life insurance companies and U.S. Government securities as funding vehicles for structured settlement annuities as specified in Internal Revenue Code 104 (a) 1 and 2 and Revenue Ruling 79-220 which offer several advantages:

  1. Life insurance companies that issue annuities are closely monitored by state regulators;
  2. Annuities have a low-risk of insolvency; and
  3. Annuities have an excellent history of meeting long-term payment obligations.

Brant Hickey also serves as a key partner in the settlement process by providing cost analysis of life-care plans, economic reports, medical set asides and general claim strategies to facilitate case settlement to better serve clients.

In short, Brant Hickey is changing the business model of the structured settlement industry by serving as a key source of education and integrating new products for claim resolution.

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