7-Step Claim Partnership Process

Personalized Financial Plans

Clarity, consistency and collaboration drive our work every day.  In fact, Brant Hickey has developed an original work process we call our 7-Step Claim Partnership Process to help our clients achieve unparalleled results in structured settlements:

1. Collection

We collect all pertinent information on a case to organize it for the completeness and clarity for this structured settlement process.

2. Understanding

BH&A works hard to understand all of the goals and parameters related to each claim.

3. Analysis

Our thorough analysis of the claimants’ needs gives us important insight about the value of the case matter.

4. Options

Using our knowledge of regulatory bodies, government agencies and the insurance carrier marketplace, our Brant Hickey team creates options that best meet the most suitable structured strategies.

5. Proposals

All structured settlement proposals detail the annuitant, rated age, insurance carrier, (guaranteed and expected) benefits, as well as, cash flow schedules.

6. Resolution

Once a case reaches its resolution, we provide a full array of assistance with documents to ensure a smooth and seamless conclusion.

7. Advocacy

Brant Hickey brokers advocate long-term client understanding by offering education on the benefits of structured settlements throughout the legal industry. The end result:  a claim resolution that provides a solution for everyone involved.

Each Brant Hickey broker manages this 7-Step Claim Partnership Process directly with clients.

The benefits achieved through this 7-Step Process:

  1. Provides a thorough understanding of the case
  2. Offers a reduction in expenses and costs
  3. Opportunity for faster resolution
  4. Provides a significant bridge with all parties

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