Structured Attorney Fee Strategies

We are committed to being responsive to address the needs of all parties; injured people and their families, insurance professionals and attorneys.

The federal government makes structuring attorney fees financially appealing by exempting your payments from taxes on income, interest, dividends and capital gains until actually received.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Tax benefits: Attorneys can avoid higher federal and state income tax liability on cases by structuring their fees. The money saved can then be invested with no money management fees. Payments are only taxed as the income is received, usually resulting in less taxation.
  • Stability: Predictable future income for attorney/firm. Structured fees allow attorneys to satisfy future financial planning needs; they ensure predictable cash flow despite fluctuating income and an unstable economic climate. Provided assurance of cash flow to cover routine expenses such as office overhead for funding future cases.
  • Higher payout: Tax obligations are spread out over time and fewer fees accrue compound interest on a pre-tax basis, so attorneys receive more income by structuring their fees than by accepting a lump sum payment.
  • Customizable income: Attorneys can accept all or a portion of the fees in the form of periodic payments that are customizable to meet their specific professional or personal goals providing a guaranteed rate of return and wealth preservation.
  • Retirement planning: Tax-deferred benefits similar to traditional qualified retirement programs and IRAs without contribution limits. Low risk foundation for diversified investment portfolio. This allows attorneys to customize a retirement plan that fits their individual needs.
  • College planning: The flexible design of structure fees provides an excellent planning tool for future expense. Unlike institutionalized or state-sponsored college plans, structures have no restrictions on how the money is spent.

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