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Our Philosophy

For the brokers and consultants of Brant Hickey, each claim case allows us to do what we do best:

offer in-depth financial analysis and design customized structured settlements for claimants and their families.

We also understand that the sooner we help to craft an acceptable benefit plan, the sooner all parties will reach a settlement.

How We’re Different

Many structured settlement brokers rely solely on one annuity product – and that’s it. At Brant Hickey, we offer multiple product options because our decades in the trenches have taught us that, when it comes to complex claims, “one size does not fit all”.

Instead our approach is to sit down with each of our clients to determine their specific challenges and needs. This in-depth, comprehensive planning gives us the insights we need to offer the most appropriate mix of products and services for each situation.

Our team’s combined 500+ years of experience means we know how to step back, take in the big picture and then educate clients to understand how all the pieces fit together. In the end, our ability to integrate innovative tools and work collaboratively with opposing parties help clients make informed decisions about their financial future.

In simplest terms, Brant Hickey is not your ordinary structured settlement broker.

Who We’ve Helped

Over the years, the Brant Hickey’s network of brokers is proud to have served a broad range of interests – from individual claimants and their attorneys, insurance claims professionals, hospital risk managers and defense counsel and other brokers in the industry. Our goal is to help facilitate the resolution of cases so claimants and their families get satisfactory results in a timely manner.

What’s more, Brant Hickey has provided structured settlement assistance all over the world, including such high-profile cases as:

  • The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
  • Pan American Airways Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland
  • US Air Flight 427
  • SilkAir Flight 185 – Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore
  • Colgan Air Flight 3407 – Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York


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