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Experience a company that places honesty and results above all else.  Since 1982, Brant Hickey has been delivering results as a successful, independent broker of Structured Settlement annuity products and innovative tools to help clients make informed decisions regarding their financial future.  As the premier provider in the United States, we leverage an impeccable track record to maximize returns for injured persons and their families.

The end result:  a claim resolution that provides a solution for everyone involved.

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Toll Free: 800.364.6488
Local: 412.356.1001
Fax: 412.356.1011

17 N. State Street, Suite 1530
Chicago, IL 60602

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Toll Free: 800.364.6488
Local: 412.356.1001
Fax: 412.356.1011



17 N. State Street, Suite 1530
Chicago, IL 60602

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